Destiny dresses Forsaken DLC Release Date New Mode Trailer And More Details

Finally, Forsaken is adding Collections, which is a way to track all of the items you can acquire as you play. You can look at sets, see how to go and get it. You can just see how many weapons there are. Also coming to Destiny are Triumphs,Destiny dresses Forsaken DLC Release Date New Mode Trailer And More Details which track your achievements and accomplishments, as well as new Exotics.

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Whats more, Forsaken adds new Super abilities, one of which is called Fire Knives and it allows you to do exactly what that sounds like. Another is a giant hammer that you can slam down to turn into a fire tornado. Additionally, the Void Warlock can now teleport and then explode.

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Forsaken costs by itself, while you can also get it with the new Annual Pass for . For more on Destiny Forsaken, check out GameSpots recent stories below.

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Destiny Forsaken DLC Release Date, New Mode, Trailer, And More Details

The new raid in Forsaken is called Dreaming City. It has more bosses than any previous Destiny raid, and it has a massive roam area like Dreadnaught with puzzles and secrets to explore. More activities will be added to the raid over time.

Destiny s Forsaken expansion will launch on September , developer Bungie announced today during a livestream event. The expansion, which follows the Warmind addon in May, is a big one. As outlined in a minidocumentary that you can see in the embed above, Forsaken addsa lotto Destiny .

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Destiny Forsaken Expansion And Season Details GS News Update

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As rumoured, Forsaken takes players back to the Reef as part of a story that Bungie is keeping quiet about for now. What Bungie did say is that Forsakens story has a western revenge theme, and that it begins with a prison break with Cayde. More details on the story are coming at E next week.

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The new, muchhyped multiplayer mode coming in Destiny Forsaken is calledGambit. Its a competitive PvE mode where you fight against AI enemies. They drop motes that you then load into a chamber that sends a blocker over onto the other teams area. At a certain point one players can actually invade the other sides area and do damage that way.

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Forsaken also makes a number of changes to weapons, starting with the ct that the Kinetic slot can now have shotguns. There is also a new mod system coming, along with an updated Masterwork system that lets you level up your guns over time. There is also a brandnew weapon coming to Destiny in the form of a bow and arrow.

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