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StratforduponAvon Bridge ClubevenigThe National Swiss Teams Congress, organised by the WCBA/EBU/WMBC will be held on Saturday/Sunday /th May .

Membership Please ubfor details on Membership

Please see the documentation on the handicaps

EBU Stratfiied Sims pairs on Monday th March

Handicap pairs in the evening of the th March

We have no further details at present regarding Anne Grey.

Now, better practice is to call the Director immediately, when a possible use of Unauthorised information is available, rather than waiting until the end of the auction or play.

. Wednesday Afternoons start time pm Peter Styles or

Just a reminder that only new notes will be taken at the club.

If you need a partner for a particular session, and do not have a member in mind, please

Dedicated cilities Tables, plus for teaching/matches

Please click here for further details and entry form.

Pairs without cards are expected to play basic Acol.

The Calendar is now available online. Click here to go to it.

For further info use tool bar on left side

Old notes are no longer legal tender, but are still accepted at banks

. Mondays mornings start time am Richard West or

Pairs must have identical systems cards available in the EBU B Systems Card format.

Here is a list of the new Board of Directors and Treasurer. Contact details can be obtained on the left hand side under Contact Us

If you a single looking for a game, please emailJudith Hortonor phone . If immediate response required please telephone.

use our website service in the members area. Please use our members area contact service. If you have any

Well, you may hear the opposition say this after say a question is asked about a bid and then passes AND partner then leads the suit that the question was about.

There is a new calendar/membership list available at the club, dated Feb .

Your committee considered what playing conditions should be allowed for this transitional session, and felt that as r as possible, players should be exposed to club bridge, Systems for this sessionwill be allowed up to the EBUs no fear Level , which means that for the vast majority of our members, they can continue to play their current system

Duplimated Boards, Bridgemates, instant results

There is too much information on this subject to go into detail here, but the above is just an example, Law is the law to look up.. .

If you are in the area as a pair and wish to attend a session, just come along and make yourself know to the director

th round of the Premiership Pairs in the evening of the th March

Also, only names and telephone numbers are now being printed, as per the new Data Protection laws PR coming into effect in May .

Remember to check out the members area, when looking for a partner

Graham Roberts funeral will be at on Friday th March at the South Chapel, Oakley Wood.

It is with sadness that we have learned that Graham Roberts Anne Grey have passed away.

Model EBU cards can be found in various formats at the EBU website by clicking here.

It has a bright yellow cover and white inside.

A transitional session for those graduating from lessons, tutorials and supervised play, together with those members who would prefer to play at a slower pace.

Advance notice Friday th November for Andrew Robson, one of the countrys leading bridge player/author/multichampionship winner, to come back to our club.

Congratulations to Peter Randall Dominic Connolly

th Round of the Stratified Pairs on the afternoon of the th March

Charity Cup Sim pairs together with the th round of the handicap pairs in the afternoon of the th March

Registered in England and Wales as Stratfordupon Avon Bridge Club Limited at Holtom Street, StratforduponAvon, Warwickshire, CV DQ, Company No

Everyone welcome, assistance in both bidding and play in a friendly environment

This session will be hosted with a refreshment break, playing boards. Bridgemates will be used and EBU Master Points will be awarded.

problems or need to speak to someone direct. Please emailJudith Hortonor phone . If immediate response required please telephone.

Previous versions can be found at the following by going to theLatest Club Newson the Left Hand Side of the main web

Unless, the suit led is an obvious lead, say Q from QJ then the Director may award an adjusted score.

th Round of the teams competitions on Tuesday th March

Cheese Wine Easter Bonnet Party . Friday rd March

The latest Newsletter is available by clicking here.

The version is now at the club in a yellow cover.

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